Pugh Funeral Home can trace its roots back to 1857. Emory Kearns, a well-known Randolph County citizen, sold coffins and officiated at funerals as a sideline to his furniture store. An associate of Kearns, O.R. Fox, took over both businesses in 1885. Fox's son-in-law, Jess T. Pugh, joined the firm in 1921 and later purchased it in 1927. In 1932 Jess Pugh separated the funeral home from the furniture business and officially established Pugh Funeral Home.

The Randleman facility was established in 1938 and operated on a "as needed basis" until the end of World War II. John W. Pugh moved to Randleman and became its "long term" manager until his death in 1972.  Below are photos of  the Dix home in Randleman in the early 1950's, the last location of Pugh Funeral Home in Randleman before moving to the current location, the funeral home as originally built by John and Margery Pugh in 1955, and the funeral home as it currently looks.

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